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Follow Your Heart / Interweaved Destinies
2019 / EP
Follow Your Heart / Interweaved Destinies
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Lightphaser - Eternity Time Warped
2019 / sountrack EP
Exclusive soundtrack asset pack for Unity and UE4.
Eternity Time Warped
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Lightphaser - Mix Tone
2018 / remix album
Contains the soundtrack of the free game Spacewolf.
Mix Tone
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Lightphaser - Mysteries of Mind
2016 / EP
Mysteries of Mind
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Various Artists - Net.Ware Glambient
2014 / compilation
Net.Ware Glambient
Lightphaser - New Tone
2013 / album
New Tone
Currently unavailable.
Re-release coming soon...
Various Artists - Net.Ware Adrion
2012 / compilation
Net.Ware Adrion
Lightphaser - Eternity
2011 / EP
Free download page
Various Artists - Net.Ware Victory Monuments
2011 / compilation
Net.Ware Victory Monuments
Lightphaser - Flashback
2010 / album
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Various Artists - Net.Ware Twist Of Fate
2009 / compilation
Net.Ware Twist Of Fate
Neotek - Brain Over Muscle
2004 / deluxe edition 2xCD
Brain Over Muscle
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Various Artists - Re:Cover
2002 / a Front 242 tribute album / limited edition 242
Re:Cover - A Front 242 tribute album