Eternity - Lightphaser
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2011 / EP / RouteNote # CLR 10
1. Control (Dominance Remix)
2. Eternity (Nanowave)
3. Out of Time (Running Late Remix)
4. Falling Horizon (Nightly Version)
5. Emotional Grinder (Radio Edit)
6. Eternity (Power of Time Remix)
7. Deadlock
Music, lyrics and vocals by Joseph Gogh.
Female vocals by Timea Göghová.
All tracks remixed by Joseph Gogh.
Photo & artwork by Anita Lukácsi.
Special thanks to

Released on 22th of February, 2011.
The original release is a limited edition of 111 hard copies that contains 7 remixes from the album Flashback.
Now available worldwide.
“ De meeste nummers bevatten eigentijds spacey beeps die je het gevoel geven dat je op één of andere dolle kermisattractie bent belandt en waarbij de soundtrack één of andere aflevering van 'Battlestar Galactica' is. ”
Didier Becu - Dark Entries