Serenade - Lightphaser
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2020 / EP / RouteNote # CLR 19
1. Serenade
2. Play With Me
3. Serenade (Instrumental)
Music and lyrics by Joseph Gogh.
Vocals by Hatsune Miku.
Produced and mastered by Joseph Gogh.
Artwork by ALYCESON.
Special thanks to family and friends.

Released on 31th of July, 2020.
Available worldwide.
Official merchandise
“ "Serenade" is a space love song ballad ... it is definitely enhanced by the other worldly synths, and combines into something magical. "Play With Me" is ultra cute synthpop with a strong hook that jumps at you right off the bat. Third and final track is the instrumental version of "Serenade." Stripped of the Vocaloid program it sounds like Gary Numan meets Kraftwerk in Vangelis's Blade Runner theme park. ”
Steve Mecca - Chain D.L.K.