New Tone - Lightphaser
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New Tone

New Tone

2013 / album / Electro Arc # 1001035
2019 / album reissue / RouteNote # CLR 17
1. Fatal Coincidence
2. New Tone
3. Misunderstandings
4. Remote Body Modificator
5. Inception
6. Revelations
7. Constant Change
8. You Owe Me an Apology
9. Inner Balance
10. Free
Music and artwork by Joseph Gogh.
Remastering by Joseph Gogh.
Special thanks to family and friends.

Originally released on 18th of October, 2013 by Electro Arc.
It was remastered and reissued as self-release on 18th of October, 2019.
Available worldwide.
“ The 'New Tone' album is ten tracks, all instrumental electronica, much of it falling into the melodic space techno realm. ... a tour-de-force ride through Kraftwerkian techno realms in space. ... Big huge ambient space opens "Revelations" which becomes it's own cosmic train chugging steadily across the galaxy. ”
Steve Mecca - Chain D.L.K.