Spacewolf 2: Reckoning
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Build spaceships and protect the Solar System from invading aliens in this novel tower defense strategy game.

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Solve the mystery surrounding the unknown spaceships in the campaign mode through 11 levels, test your endurance in the endless mode against ever-increasing aliens or try yourself in the challenge mode having restrictive rules. Discover your space station as you progress through the campaign by unlocking and upgrading its modules, build your arsenal by researching 5 spaceship classes that are capable mounting various towers and research new gun types, defense and utility techs for them.


Watch the game promo or the game intro, later more videos to come.

Spacewolf 2 Theme

"This out-of-the-world instrumental is both sumptuous and atmospheric, with more than a nod to early Numan, the early synth era, not his early-early post-punk phase." (Green Banana)

The theme song titled "Spacewolf 2 Theme" is available at online streaming platforms. The music of the game levels is available in asset packs "Evolving Frontiers" and "Eternity Time Warped" at Unity and Unreal stores.
Official merchandise

Merchandise with the Spacewolf 2 logo! Discover various products: t-shirts, pins, stickers, caps, posters, and more... Merch is available at Redbubble marketplace.

Spacewolf 2 Reckoning

There are 28 cards in the game. Although the app itself does not drop these cards to your wallet, they are available as separate NFT collector items listed for sale on

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