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"The 'New Tone' album is ten tracks, all instrumental electronica, much of it falling into the melodic space techno realm. ...
a tour-de-force ride through Kraftwerkian techno realms in space. ...
Big huge ambient space opens "Revelations" which becomes it's own cosmic train chugging steadily across the galaxy."

"Der Ungar hat in seinem Repertoire eine große Auswahl an elektronischer Musik,
die es in sich hat und nur schwer auf eine Richtung zu beschränken ist.
So sind manche Tracks spacig und mit heiteren Melodien bestückt,
die anderen Stücke aber auch schon mal mit der härte von EBM versehen."

"A csendesebb, nyugodtabb elektronikát kedvelőknek mindenképpen ajánlott! Ambient, chill out, IDM koktél."

"Overall, the material on offer in 'Eternity' is of excellent quality,
displaying great talent from this independent Industrial artist,
a fitting example which many in the field could aspire to."

"On a route to light to mid-weight rhythm electronica, Joseph Gogh proposes his own project Lightphaser with a quality sequence
of tracks that showcase his penchant and talent for spacey atmospheres, upbeat rhythms, and a wink or two to quality EBM."

"In conclusion, this is a very cool release with a lot of sonic variety. ...
'Falling Horizon', 'Eternity' and 'Control' being particularly good tracks. Definitely worth checking out."

"De meeste nummers bevatten eigentijds spacey beeps die je het gevoel geven dat
je op één of andere dolle kermisattractie bent belandt en waarbij de soundtrack
één of andere aflevering van 'Battlestar Galactica' is."

Instincts of Future
live performance
live performance
live performance
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