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“ ... the carefully balanced remix of "Dream," a sprawling seven-minute journey of colourful sounds and atmospheric tones that descend and ascend with vigorous originality. ”

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Strategic Virtual Frontiers

"Strategic Virtual Frontiers" is a 10-track instrumental album where each song has a subtle style deviation to fit its actual message. The world is in constant struggle battered by crisis after crisis. People are slowly awakening from the surrounding hypnotizing artificial information bubble that was cast upon them and they start to question the official narrative. The songs on the album try to depict the long journey ahead by the continuously mixed cinematic sonic landscapes. Last Day Deaf Music Webzine describes its 3rd track as "The almost 7-minute opus sets off like a space ambient opera to gradually evolve into the ultimate "space-wave" treasure!" Besides a lot of Korg synth sounds, the album is featuring sounds of piano, violins, harp, tuba, trumpet, organ, xylophone, bells, timpano, taiko, bamboo and many more...


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Official merchandise

Merchandise with cute Vocaloids! Designed to make your daily life more fun, the Vocaloid will always smile back to you! Discover various products: t-shirts, pins, stickers, throw pillows, posters, and more... Merch is available at Redbubble marketplace.

Lightphaser Vocaloids NFT

Lightphaser Vocaloids is a collection of 5 unique Vocaloid NFTs in 5 colored variation series. The cards are based on 3 EPs and the album "Sacred Journey Of Heart" featuring Hatsune Miku. Each card presents a beautiful imaginary Vocaloid artwork including lyrics excerpts and previously unreleased versions of the songs. The NFTs are listed for sale on

Spacewolf 2: Reckoning

Spacewolf 2: Reckoning is a free tower defense strategy game.

The game is the sequel to the "Spacewolf" arcade space shooter, where you had to defend the Milky Way from invading aliens. In this new Spacewolf 2 episode, the saga continues. Your team captured a space station while some unknown alien spaceships attacked the Solar System. A secret alien communication was intercepted revealing some dark secrets and you have been authorized to intercept the incoming threat. Your task is to investigate and defend the world again! Free download at Google Play Store.

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