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“ I love outer space, and this instrumental track has all the traditional trappings of spacey electronic music: wiry, theremin-esque synthesizers; gritty digital arpeggiatos; space zaps; big swoosh washes; an overall feel of cold expanse. I love it. ”

“ "Serenade" is a space love song ballad ... it is definitely enhanced by the other worldly synths, and combines into something magical. "Play With Me" is ultra cute synthpop with a strong hook that jumps at you right off the bat. Third and final track is the instrumental version of "Serenade." Stripped of the Vocaloid program it sounds like Gary Numan meets Kraftwerk in Vangelis's Blade Runner theme park. ”

“ The 'New Tone' album is ten tracks, all instrumental electronica, much of it falling into the melodic space techno realm. ... a tour-de-force ride through Kraftwerkian techno realms in space. ... Big huge ambient space opens "Revelations" which becomes it's own cosmic train chugging steadily across the galaxy. ”

“ On a route to light to mid-weight rhythm electronica, Joseph Gogh proposes his own project Lightphaser with a quality sequence of tracks that showcase his penchant and talent for spacey atmospheres, upbeat rhythms, and a wink or two to quality EBM. ”

Sacred Journey Of Heart is out now!
Performance with live mixing
Performance with live mixing
Performance with live mixing
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