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2023 / remix album / RouteNote # CLR 30
1. Wish (Deep)
2. What I Have Been Looking For (Already Found)
3. Unbreakable Emotion (Timeless)
4. Brighter Than The Sun (Instrumental)
5. Stay With Me (Short)
6. Beautiful (Extended)
7. Serenade (Only For You)
8. Dream (Extended)
9. Final Determination (Hardened)
Music, lyrics and vocaloid programming by Joseph Gogh.
Vocals by Hatsune Miku.
Produced, mixed and mastered by Joseph Gogh.
Booklet by Joseph Gogh. (Booklet available on iTunes only.)
Artwork by ALYCESON.
Special thanks to: Ikariboshi Kosumo.

Released on 14th of July, 2023.
Available worldwide.
Official merchandise
“ ... the carefully balanced remix of "Dream," a sprawling seven-minute journey of colourful sounds and atmospheric tones that descend and ascend with vigorous originality. ”
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