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Lightphaser's works range from music production to software development including the composition of original soundtracks or producing music videos.

Over the last decade, more than 12 official music releases have been produced, the genre is falling mostly into melodic techno, synth-pop, synthwave, electro, and IDM realms. The music is heavily synthesizer-based, the album themes are taking the listener on fictional journeys through spacey landscapes. Performances are characterized by live keyboard plays and mixing. In 2018 a trip was made to Hong Kong for the first time which was quite a life-changing experience. Since then the dice was cast to return there!

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Lightphaser is a solo electronic music project of Joseph Gogh. At its inception around 1998, the inspirations came from the EBM music scene and video game soundtracks. Influences were Jean-Michel Jarre, Orbital, Front Line Assembly, and Solar Fields. The project was heavily limited by resources, a personal computer was the only tool for composing at that time. Although most of the early works were not released, plans are already being made for remastered productions.

In 2008 the project was rebooted by the new single "Falling Horizon" which was followed soon by the first official release "Flashback". The studio got built around FL Studio and controller keyboards. The main emphasis was on experimenting with different sound schemes and sonic modellings mixed by industrial elements. Through the following years, several songs were released on compilations at Electro Arc label. Meanwhile, an EP "Eternity" was self-produced as limited edition hard copy CDs featuring remixes from "Flashback", which later got reissued as a digital download.

Over time Korg became the favorite brand and the most used equipment was the Korg R3 synthesizer. The "New Tone" / "Mix Tone" pair of albums were the significant releases showcasing Korg sounds spiced with piano play. The sound got refined and took a lighter direction towards electronica and synth-pop. "A tour-de-force ride through Kraftwerkian techno realms in space.", as Steve from Chain D.L.K described. Collaboration with Timea Göghová resulted in 2 EPs featuring her vocals. By producing the vocal mix of "Falling Horizon" it just became the most remixed track having even a soundtrack version.

Starting from 2016 several projects were ongoing simultaneously. Works started to emerge in a wide range from music production to software development. The first application published on Google Play Store was a free arcade game "Spacewolf" with its own original soundtrack. Soon it was followed by several others including "Yuhtgong", an app for learning the Cantonese language. Those who are looking for Royalty-Free audio may find the soundtrack EP "Eternity Time Warped" interesting. It was produced exclusively for Unity Asset Store and Unreal Engine Marketplace only, suitable for games as in-game / background music or any other kind of project. As more time got devoted to video production, slowly the whole process turned out to be a continuous content creation including educational and entertainment videos with a regular publishing schedule.

A new era has begun in 2020. The studio got upgraded and a new member has joined the team, she is the beautiful Vocaloid Hatsune Miku. The journey of Sound Engineer, the main character of the new album, was told by 3 consecutive EPs and creative animated music videos. The video of "Serenade", a space love song ballad, is also considered to be the first short film production. "Serenade expands the boundaries of what is possible when creating.", as written by With a Side of Beets blog. The music is a combination of eastern vocal and western composition styles. "It sounds like Gary Numan meets Kraftwerk in Vangelis's Blade Runner theme park. " as Steve from Chain D.L.K. describes. Eventually, the story unfolded by the arrival of the full-length album "Sacred Journey Of Heart", which was dedicated to someone special... The original artworks used thorough all the creatives were specially designed by ALYCESON. In addition, a merchandise shop was launched featuring cute artworks on various products for Vocaloid fans.

The release series in 2021 has begun with "Ascension", the EP where your journey starts into a global awakening. The individual songs were originally intended to have a game or movie soundtrack style and they serve as a prelude for the 10-track album titled "Strategic Virtual Frontiers" which takes the essence to the next level. The world is in constant struggle battered by crisis after crisis. People are slowly awakening from the surrounding hypnotizing artificial information bubble that was cast upon them and they start to question the official narrative. The songs on the album try to depict the long journey ahead by the continuously mixed cinematic sonic landscapes. Last Day Deaf Music Webzine describes its 3rd track as "The almost 7-minute opus sets off like a space ambient opera to gradually evolve into the ultimate "space-wave" treasure!" Besides a lot of Korg synth sounds, the album is featuring sounds of piano, violins, harp, tuba, trumpet, organ, xylophone, bells, timpano, taiko, bamboo and many more. Several music videos were already published for the album and some more are planned for later. The original artworks were designed by Artisan.zy. In addition, a new Royalty-Free soundtrack EP "Evolving Frontiers" was produced exclusively for Unity Asset Store and Unreal Engine Marketplace only.

The year 2022 started with the release of my first NFT collection titled "Lightphaser Vocaloids". It is a collection of 5 unique Vocaloid NFTs in 5 colored variation series based on 3 EPs and the album "Sacred Journey Of Heart" featuring Hatsune Miku. Each card presents a beautiful imaginary Vocaloid artwork including lyrics excerpts and previously unreleased versions of the songs. The NFTs are listed for sale on Later, the monthly release series was launched with different mixes of an earlier song of mine about the crossroads of life. The single "Falling Horizon (Progressive)" came first as an EDM variation featuring Hatsune Miku. It was followed up by another single "Falling Horizon (Vocaloid)" where the emphasis was on Miku itself. The series ended with the release of the EP "Falling Horizons" which has 6 mix versions including the previous singles and some new, previously unreleased instrumental versions too. The major part of the year was spent on developing a novel tower defense game, a sequel to the earlier released Spacewolf game by the title "Spacewolf 2: Reckoning". It combines tower defense and arcade styles where the campaign plot reveals that the world must be saved from some incoming aliens. An original game soundtrack was composed primarily as the theme song for this game titled "Spacewolf 2 Theme". In addition, various extras such as concept images, merchandise, and NFT are available. The game is free to play at the Google Play store.

The newest release is the "Recollected", a remix album showcasing 9 reworked tracks from the earlier album "Sacred Journey Of Heart". The focus was on two factors, half of the album is slow ambientish and the rest of it is in a more energetic progressive style. Some of the songs are featuring the vocaloid Hatsune Miku. Mostly Korg synths were used during composition featuring the synths of the Korg Collection 4. This album has a booklet with lyrics that is exclusively available on iTunes only. This was my first release that was backed by one of my Ko-fi supporters, I would like to say a huge thank you to him! In addition, a new Royalty-Free soundtrack EP "Ballads Of Heart" was produced exclusively for Unreal Engine Marketplace only.
“ ... the carefully balanced remix of "Dream," a sprawling seven-minute journey of colourful sounds and atmospheric tones that descend and ascend with vigorous originality. ”
No Transmission - No Transmission
“ This out-of-the-world instrumental is both sumptuous and atmospheric, with more than a nod to early Numan, the early synth era, not his early-early post-punk phase. ”
Green Banana - Green Banana
“ The almost 7-minute opus sets off like a space ambient opera to gradually evolve into the ultimate "space-wave" treasure! ”
“ The almost 6-minute opus is a stunningly produced, highly cinematic, full with space-y vibes, blend of idm, synthwave and electro. ”
“ ... the real magic here is smack dab in the middle, with a couple of longer tracks ("Dream", "Heartbeat") which uses wordless Hatsune Miku vocals over extended synth instrumentals. Not only does this keep Hatsune from wearing out her welcome, but it adds an extra dimension to the album as a whole. ”
Steve Mecca - Chain D.L.K
“ ... “Serenade” expands the boundaries of what is possible when creating. It’s about tenacity, heart, and courage. ”
The Reverb Junkie - With a Side of Beets
“ I love outer space, and this instrumental track has all the traditional trappings of spacey electronic music: wiry, theremin-esque synthesizers; gritty digital arpeggiatos; space zaps; big swoosh washes; an overall feel of cold expanse. I love it. ”
Stephen Carradini - Independent Clauses
“ "Serenade" is a space love song ballad ... it is definitely enhanced by the other worldly synths, and combines into something magical. "Play With Me" is ultra cute synthpop with a strong hook that jumps at you right off the bat. Third and final track is the instrumental version of "Serenade." Stripped of the Vocaloid program it sounds like Gary Numan meets Kraftwerk in Vangelis's Blade Runner theme park. ”
Steve Mecca - Chain D.L.K.
“ The 'New Tone' album is ten tracks, all instrumental electronica, much of it falling into the melodic space techno realm. ... a tour-de-force ride through Kraftwerkian techno realms in space. ... Big huge ambient space opens "Revelations" which becomes it's own cosmic train chugging steadily across the galaxy. ”
Steve Mecca - Chain D.L.K.
“ Der Ungar hat in seinem Repertoire eine große Auswahl an elektronischer Musik, die es in sich hat und nur schwer auf eine Richtung zu beschränken ist. So sind manche Tracks spacig und mit heiteren Melodien bestückt, die anderen Stücke aber auch schon mal mit der härte von EBM versehen. ”
“ A csendesebb, nyugodtabb elektronikát kedvelőknek mindenképpen ajánlott! Ambient, chill out, IDM koktél. ”
Alan The Wild - Alan The Wild Blog
“ Overall, the material on offer in 'Eternity' is of excellent quality, displaying great talent from this independent Industrial artist, a fitting example which many in the field could aspire to. ”
“ On a route to light to mid-weight rhythm electronica, Joseph Gogh proposes his own project Lightphaser with a quality sequence of tracks that showcase his penchant and talent for spacey atmospheres, upbeat rhythms, and a wink or two to quality EBM. ”
Gianfranco Sciacca - Darklife
“ In conclusion, this is a very cool release with a lot of sonic variety. ... 'Falling Horizon', 'Eternity' and 'Control' being particularly good tracks. Definitely worth checking out. ”
Steve Mecca - Chain D.L.K.
“ De meeste nummers bevatten eigentijds spacey beeps die je het gevoel geven dat je op één of andere dolle kermisattractie bent belandt en waarbij de soundtrack één of andere aflevering van 'Battlestar Galactica' is. ”
Didier Becu - Dark Entries