Welcome to Yuhtgong - the Cantonese word teaching app!

The aim of the application is to teach the common Cantonese words and to expand the vocabulary. There are 3 kinds of testing modes for character memorization, meaning of the words, and practicing the listening skills with spoken Cantonese audio.

Yuhtgong provides you the following benefits:
- Do short, quick daily tests
- Allows massive character learning in large batches
- Keep repeating just the incorrect guesses
- Resume a test anytime from the point where you have stopped
- Quick lookup of words by character, Jyutping or its meaning

- More than 5000 words
- 3 learning modes
- Spoken Cantonese audio
- Randomized tests
- Premium Features including search and advanced statistics
- Option to re-take a test only on the incorrectly guessed words
- Various word libraries to choose from with increasing difficulty level
- Statistics about test results
- Randomized word of the day
- Currently 2 supported UI language
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Requirements: Android phone, Nougat 7.0, API level 24
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