Showroom is a free application for product showcase.

In case you do not have a website, you can't put your products into online shops or you have many items at various different places, Showroom will let you showcase all of your products in one place by providing only one online data source file.

In order to put and display your products in this Showroom app, you will have to create one JSON file manually. Description of the data structure and a small tutorial how to make this JSON file is available in the app's Help:

- Browse through advertiser profiles
- Register your own profile
- Showcase products and downloadable goodies along with news, story, events, images, links and more
- Subscribe to profiles and get notifications when their news are updated
- 4 supported languages

The online data source file must have JSON format. If you are not familiar with JSON data structure, a sample JSON file and a tutorial is provided for you for easier understanding in the Help section.
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Requirements: Android phone, Lollipop 5.0, API level 21
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